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Good news! SKYCUT(Sunrise Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd) won the AAA credit enterprise!
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    Nowadays, with the continuous development of the times, my country's market economy has gradually entered the era of credit economy, and the deployment of the social credit system is continuously accelerated. Whether for individuals or companies, credit occupies a pivotal position. The trustworthy is unimpeded, and the untrustworthy can hardly move. How to judge the credibility of an enterprise? This requires a unified standard for judgment, and the enterprise credit rating was born.

    Enterprise credit rating refers to the comprehensive evaluation of the business development situation, financial status and credit history of the enterprise by the credit rating agency, so as to determine its performance ability and credit level, and use international symbols to indicate the credit rating, and issue the credit rating certificate and credit Report to publicize the evaluation results to the society.

    On December 11, 2020, SKYCUT(Sunrise Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd) passed the AAA credit enterprise certification and won the enterprise credit rating certificate, the enterprise credit rating certificate, the contract and trustworthy enterprise certificate, the quality service integrity enterprise certificate, and the integrity management demonstration unit Certificate, Integrity Supplier Enterprise Certificate, Integrity Enterprise Certificate and many other certification certificates. These certificates are not only an affirmation of the comprehensive technological strength of Sunrise Line, but also a testimony of integrity management.

    SKYCUT(Sunrise Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd) won this heavy certification, which will greatly enhance the technology and trust of consumers and partners in SKYCUT(Sunrise Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd) products. The achievement of the AAA-level credit enterprise certificate is an affirmation of SKYCUT(Sunrise Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd)'s honesty, contract-abiding, and quality-keeping. It shows that our basic information is transparent, comprehensive quality is excellent, social responsibility is high, user satisfaction is high, and development prospects are broad. It also indicates that SKYCUT(Sunrise Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd) is a reliable business partner with healthy operation, broad development prospects, and strong risk prevention capabilities.

Becoming an AAA-level credit enterprise is an honor and a spur to SKYCUT(Sunrise Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd). In the future development process, SKYCUT(Sunrise Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd) will continue to strengthen the building of credibility, and continue to strive to achieve success in credibility and morality. Set an example in the industry, act as a model in the market, adhere to the concept of "trustworthiness", create "trustworthy" products, and continue to provide customers with professional plotters, reflective film plotters, film cutters, smart phone film cutters, etc. Advertising equipment, build brand credit, establish brand reputation, help enterprise development, and create a harmonious and trustworthy social business environment!