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SKYCUT parent-child day trip
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In order to further enhance the parent-child relationship, promote the integration of parent-child relationship and create a harmonious family atmosphere, on November 28th, under the call of the general manager of SKYCUT and the Human Resources Administration Department, the party branch of SKYCUT and the labor union organized an outdoor parent-child day trip with the theme of "big hands pull small hands, party building heritage away".

Early in the morning, the families who participated in the parent-child tour came to the gate of SKYCUT for orderly boarding. On the way to Lotus Hill Park, the children introduced themselves and had a preliminary impression of each other. Then colleagues from the Human Resources Administration Department talked about today's parent-child day trip program and emphasized the discipline and safety precautions of the event.

The first program of today's parent-child day trip was the solemn reading of the oath of party membership by the party activists under the statue of Comrade Deng Xiaoping. In Shenzhen Lotus Hill Park Deng Xiaoping Square, facing the bright red party flag, the party members of SKYCUT raised their right hands and made a solemn oath: "I volunteer to join the Communist Party of China, support the party's program, and abide by the party's constitution ......" The solemn oath was echoed on the azure The solemn oath echoed on the blue sky.

After the first parent-child tour program, they were led by colleagues from the Human Resources and Administration Department to a restaurant near Lotus Hill Park for lunch. After lunch, they boarded the bus again to start the second parent-child tour today.

Today's second parent-child day trip program is to visit the Shenzhen Museum. Entering the museum exhibition hall, the children listened carefully to the lecturer's explanation under the leadership of their parents, and showed great curiosity, the children listened intently.

Today's activities ended, and under the call of the company's human resources and administration department, we boarded the company's shuttle bus and set off for home. Through this parent-child tour, colleagues can feel the warmth and care of the big family of SKYCUT, enhance the sense of belonging of employees, effectively enhance the sense of responsibility and efficiency of employees, but also further enhance the communication between employees and relieve the work pressure of employees.