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SKYCUT to carry out the "dream of a new era, women bloom" activities, wish the goddesses happy holiday!
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In the spring, the breeze is warming up in March, in order to celebrate the 112th "March 8" International Women's Day, to improve the happiness and sense of honor of female workers, SKYCUT March 8 Goddess Day series of activities, for the company's "goddesses" prepared some very warm small gifts, to the goddesses to send holiday love and blessings, so that we spend a happy and harmonious, warm and happy special holiday.

In the company site prepared a warm small gift for each female employee, including holiday flowers, gift boxes, umbrellas and some daily necessities, to the holiday good wishes and wishes.

Although the gift is small, but ambiguous hearts, female workers holding gifts, have thanked the company's care and concern, many employees said: "Goddess Day has arrived, we received the care from the company as a family, special warm, special warm."

A flower, a blessing, on behalf of SKYCUT leaders to the hard-working, silent dedication of the female staff sent holiday congratulations and affectionate care, not only to relieve the pressure of busy work, but also to create a harmonious and warm company atmosphere, so that all female staff fully feel the joy, happiness and ritual brought to them by the holiday.

The activity of "Celebrating the 38th Goddess Day" not only relaxed and relieved the pressure after the busy working life, but also improved the spirit of the company and added oil and electricity to the efficient work in the future. We have expressed that we will continue to play the role of "Half the Sky", carry forward the excellent style of taking charge and doing our duty, and actively contribute to the development of the company's business with a high spirit.