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How to use the mobile phone film cutter
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When it comes to mobile phone film, many people are still stuck in the "stocking up on film" mindset. The main problem with this traditional method is that you have to stock up on a bunch of different models of mobile phone films and then choose the appropriate film to apply according to the customer's phone model. If you encounter other phone models and don't stock up beforehand, you won't be able to do the business, and you run the risk of losing money on pressurised goods.

For this industry pain point, Jingwei Line Mobile phone film cutting machine It is the first in the industry to put forward the new idea of "measuring machine cutting, one film universal" mobile phone film, making the business of mobile phone film better and more fun.

Its overall composition is also simple: the front film cutting head is fine and compact, with a purple swivel head that can be readily adjusted as required; the cutting area has a thoughtful blue dotted line design for easy placement of the original phone film; and three black pressure plates that hold the film sheet firmly in place for easy and stress-free cutting. To the right of the body is the display. We can cut the film we want with a simple operation on this display.

On the back of the unit is the paper press lever, which can be easily pulled to fix the film; on the side are the on/off button and the power socket, the button fits the size of a human finger and is thoughtfully designed so that it can be switched on and off at the touch of a button without any other operation, which is convenient and safe.

The mobile phone film cutter is also very simple to use, it only takes three steps to complete a mobile phone film. The following warp and weft line is a small part of the machine to introduce you to the detailed steps of use.

1、Choose the phone model

Before applying the film, first in the operation screen, select the phone model to be affixed. We can see that the machine system has 6000+ model data built in, basically covering mobile phones listed within 5 years, old phones have film stickers, and new phone data will be updated soon.