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Which is the best brand of mobile phone film cutter?
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Now on the market to do mobile phone film cutting machine manufacturers more and more, but on the whole many are not perfect: some of the operation is laborious to use not to save; some obviously quality is not very good, the price is also high; also some cut out of the mobile phone film, either is not enough size, then is paste after the old bubble ...... anyway, all kinds of problems. So how to judgeMobile phone film cutting machine Which brand is good, here warp and weft line editorial have 3 points of advice.

To know which mobile phone film cutter is better in China? We need to know first: what kind of film cutting machine is a good film cutting machine. This criterion is clear, natural to judge.

Mobile phone film cutting machine is good to see the function first. The main function of the film cutting machine is to cut mobile phone film, according to the different models cut out suitable for this model of mobile phone film. So choose a mobile phone film cutting machine to pay attention to several points.

1. Simple to start, easy to operate. The general sales shop staff circulation is large, do a few days to quit the situation is common, cut film machine operation must be very simple, so you do not have to worry about the cost of time spent on training new employees; Moreover, the main focus of the shop staff should be put on marketing other highly profitable single products, unnecessary in the film on too much time, so that can also bring greater profits to the shop.

2. Fast cutting speed. You can serve 3 customers in the same amount of time as the next shop can only serve one, so naturally you can earn two more, and the advantage will come out.

3. A wide range of films. To meet the "appetite" of more people, it is definitely not possible to cut a small variety of mobile phone models, more than one mobile phone type of film, there is more of a chance to become a single, so the kind of film cutting machine that can only cut a few films is not cost-effective and not worth buying.

The warp and weft mobile phone film cutting machine is relatively simple to operate, as long as three steps to cut a film, and cut the film is also very fast, 30 seconds to customize the protective film, easy to operate without training, it will also be very convenient to use.