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Company profile

Skycut,a leading and experienced brand of cutting plotter,craft cutting machine and screen protective film cutter over 7 years.

We are work with a wide range of US and European leading customers,which enables us to know the global markets very well.

Our goal is to offer different lifestyle solutions and add value to our customers with end-to-end management. As such, we highly enjoy our reputation for being fast, flexible, and focused.

1) 12+ years technology deposition in cutting machine;

2) 7+ years foreign trade services experience;

3) 2000k+ clients served worldwide,including wholesalers and retailers ;

4) 30 experienced engineers. Include APP, ID, software, firmware, hardware, mechanical structure and more than over 100 patents for smart cutting machine;

5) ISO9001 and ISO 14001 management system and in-house test laboratory.


Professional in all business processes: we are reliable, with a strong business sense of being our customers first-choice.


Corporate Vision: 

Let the world use environmental, accurate and intelligent cutting plotters and screen protective cutters.

Corporate mission: 

Made in China, brand goes overseas, and promotes high-quality advertising equipment to the world.

Enterprise strategy: 

Focus on providing partner with efficient and low-cost on-demand services.